Monday Morning Offering: 12/5

         Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

It’s only December 5, Lord, but already
    halls are decked,
    trees are up, 
    lights are strung,
    tinsel hung,
    gifts bought, 
    bows tied, 
    and cards stamped and sent…
Already, herald angels hark,
muting Advent’s hope,
and with O, Come, O, Come, Emmanuel 
still fresh upon our lips,
we lift a glass of eggnog
and sing with yuletide cheer..
So, if not at the mall and not in the stores,
if not in the streets and not online –
let there come, Lord, deep in my heart
    a season to pause and wonder,
        to dream as a child might,
        of Mary’s Child, born to save
        so many years ago;
    a season for me to wait for you
        though you’ve already come
        and claimed a home, your dwelling place, 
        within my heart and soul;
    a season for me, in faith, to watch,
        in these purple candled days,
        for how you’ll touch my soul this year
        with healing, peace and mercy…
I offer you these Advent days,
my vigil for your coming:
    my waiting, yes, for Christmas
    but even more my longing
    for the day, the joy, the peace in store
    for those who trust in you…
May this Monday morning offering
be my prayer through Advent’s days
’til I sing with joy at Christmas
the tidings of your birth!