Monday Morning Offering: 3/4

Monday Morning Offering: 3/4
Good morning, good God!

In this holy Lenten season, Lord,
I come to offer my contrite* heart…

I can’t fathom the depths of your mercy,

I can’t comprehend your infinite patience:
   you love me even in my sins;
   you never fail to find what’s good in me;
without ceasing you reach out, gently,
      to rescue me from my selfish ways,
      to mend what’s broken within me,
      to heal what’s sick,
      to forgive what’s sinful,
      to bring me home to your embrace,

I may not understand this
    (I don’t understand this!) 
but I’m ever grateful

    for the mystery of mercy 
        you never fail to offer,

so I come this morning,

    to offer my contrite heart…

So great i
s your love for all of us, Lord,

    so exquisite your delight in each of us
that even when we forget or tarnish – or deny –
    the image of your beauty within us
     – still, your love for us remains… 

So this morning, Lord, 
    I come to offer my contrite heart…

I often lose sight of your goodness within me:
    I fear you see only what I see:

        my brokenness, faults and failings….

So, I come to offer my contrite heart…

I forget that you come to meet me

    precisely where I need you

that you might smooth me;
    where I am rough,

that you might mend me
    where I am broken,
that you might strengthen me
    where I am weakest,

that you might heal me
    where I am wounded
and forgive and forgive me
        again and again…
I come to offer my contrite heart,
    this morning, today, through the week ahead:
jelp me trust the depths of your mercy, Lord,

    the mystery and grace of your love for me,

I come, Lord, to offer my contrite heart…


*apologetic, humble, remorseful, repentant
    – just plain sorry!