Monday Morning Offering: 6/10

Monday Morning Offering: 6/10

Good morning, good God!

This morning I offer

    my desire to mend a friend’s troubled heart,

        something far past my power to do,

    so I offer this prayer, O Healer of souls:

        refresh my friend’s heart with joy and hope…

This morning I offer you, Lord
    my desire to help a friend find faith,
         but I know that faith’s not mine to give

    so I offer my prayer that your Spirit’s grace
        lead my friend to trust in your plan…

This morning I offer you, Lord:

    my desire to heal a friend who’s ill
        but I’m not a nurse or a doctor

    so I pray, Divine Physician,

        restore my friend’s well-being….

This morning I offer you, Lord,
    my desire for happiness, peace and joy
        for blessings all yours to give,
    so I humbly pray, be generous then,
        in filling all hearts and souls…

I’ve a lot to offer this morning, Lord:
    my desire to care for my friends in need,
    my self-knowledge and limitations
and prayers, my prayers
    for your healing and gifts,

    for your mercy, blessings and grace…
My Monday morning offering, Lord:
    please hear my prayer and answer me
        for the good of your own and their peace…




Praying to the Virgin Mary