Monday Morning Offering: 67/1

Monday Morning Offering: 67/1

Good morning, good God!

Really, Lord – July?

Are you serious?

Can it be -already-
    the seventh month of 2024?
    with the Fourth of July just a few days away?
    and a new year just six months down the road?

And what of these months behind us?
For many, they crawled at a snail’s pace:
    painfully slow, intense and drawn-out,
        almost as if time itself might stand still… 
Yet for others time flew like an arrow,
    whizzing by and passing too quickly:
        not enough hours in any one day,
        nor days in a week or weeks in a month…
And what have these six months held for me, Lord?
    what might I offer today, at half year?
I bear the bruises and scrapes and scars
    that time inscribes on a broken heart;
 and I offer the course of your gently closing
    wounds I thought might never heal…
I come with months of worries and questions,
    filed away in my mind and my thoughts;
 and I offer the grace of slowly discerning
    your wisdom and truth, your presence and spirit…
I’ve memories of sitting and waiting in sadness
    and praying for joy to find me again;
 and I offer a midyear’s basket of praise
    for good times, blessings, mercy and peace…
So much can happen in half a year,
    in a month, a week, a day or an hour;
but in each moment you’re by my side:
    Lord of my years and Lord of my life…
I offer you, Lord, my ups and my downs:
    my good times and bad, my sorrows and joys; 
whether time flies by or seems to stand still,
    fill my soul with the timeless, 
        my heart with your love…




Praying to the Virgin Mary