NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 10/6

Night Prayer has been a feature here now for just over two and a half years… We should, at least every once in a while, pause and remember all the others who are praying with us…

we’re here again tonight, all of us,
all of us who come to this cyber chapel each evening:
    some just after supper, others as they fall asleep;
    some fit and in fine health, others ill, in chronic pain;
    some who are rejoicing 
        and some with heavy, grieving hearts;
    some tired from a long day’s work
        some bored with nothing much to do;
    some come from noisy households 
        while others live in solitude;
    some come with firm, deep faith,
        some filled with nagging doubt;
    some come as free as birds 
        while others sit in prison cells; 
    some come, now in the prime of life,
        others in their waning years…
We gather together as one, Lord,
    though we cannot see each other;
we pray together as one,
    though we hear no other voices;
we know you’re here among us
    though we do not see your face…
And yet, Lord, of this we’re certain:
every evening
    you meet us in our chapel;
    you’re waiting here when we drop in;
    you’re all ears and you’re all heart,
        for the stories of our day;
    your arms are opened wide.
        you gather us together;
    you hold us close and whisper,
        Be still and know that I am God,
            be still and know I’m with you…
Tonight, Lord, and every night 
we pray for one another:
    gathered by your Spirit’s wi-fi,
    linked by faith, by trust, by hope;
    all online in one great prayer,
    posted here, an offering,
    for all to read and share…
We pray for all who gather here,
all one with us tonight:
    make us mindful of each other
        and of all the prayers we bring
    with praise and grateful hearts
        for the peace we find in you…
Protect us, Lord, while we’re awake
and watch over us when we fall asleep
(in different time zones ’round the world!)
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace…
Two options for our musical reflection tonight.  First is an instrumental piece by Arvo Part, one of my favorite composers.  I offer it with the thought that you might just close your eyes
and imagine in your heart all those who are with you in spirit as you pray this post tonight… 
And second is John Rutter’s « Deep Peace » which I offer as a blessing/lullabye each of us might pray/sing for one another as we gather in the Lord’s presence this evening…
  Leonhard Roczek, cello;
Herbert Schuch, piano
[embedded content]
Deep Peace by John Rutter, performed by Libera

[embedded content]