NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 3/23

night prayer thursday 3 23

In tonight’s prayer, I lift up some of the places
    which I name as holy in my life
and I invite you to reflect on any places
    where you have met God’s holy presence…
I’m back from my retreat, Lord,
back from Eastern Point Retreat House 
on Brace Cove in Gloucester,
a holy place, indeed…
I’ve never been to the Holy Land
with it’s ancient sacred sites
but at Eastern Point 
I’ve walked on ground made holy
by your presence in the silence, 
by your Spirit on the waters,
by your grace in every corner
    from the chapel to my room…
And I’m grateful, Lord, 
for all the holy places
where I’ve walked and lived and visited,
    rested, prayed and met you
        where you warmly welcomed me…

There’s the house where I grew up, Lord,
    on Hobart Street in Danvers
where I learned your name and how to pray,
where my parents raised me in the faith,
the faith that’s mine today 
    and has brought me safe thus far…

And the chapel at « The Manor, » 

    Morrissey Hall at Notre Dame,

where for four years, late on Sunday nights
    I preached your word to students
whose faith renewed my own
    and restored my call to serve you…

And the sanctuary in West Concord,
    at Our Lady Help of Christians,
        my first pastorate, my pride and joy,
and my work benches there:
    ambo, table, font
and the praise and thanks we offered
    as your people, one in faith…

And the plain, sparse basement room
    at the Clear Creek County Jail,
where my Colorado visits take me downstairs 
    to a space made holy
        by the men who come on Thursday nights
to hear your Word, sing your praise and pray
    – from deep within their hearts…
And, many other places, Lord,
    too many now to mention,
        where the silence whispers wisdom;
        where the beauty sings your glory;
        where the barren bares your presence;
        where every face reveals your own;
        where your footprints lead my pilgrim feet;
        where my crooked path joins yours;
        where I feel you right beside me;
        where you slip into my heart,
            unannounced and by surprise;
        where I catch a glimpse of heaven             
            while still rooted in this world;
        where I know your holy presence

            in my mind, my prayer, my soul;

        where I find myself at peace with you
            – and even with myself…
Lord, all creation is a holy place:
    there’s no place where you’re not,
        no place where I can’t find you!
So through these sacred places
    where I’ve found your holy presence
open wide my eyes, my ears, my mind,
    my heart and soul, my prayer
to find you in the everyday
    to find you everywhere,
in every place you wait for me
    with patience, peace and love…
Protect me, Lord, while I’m awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace…
Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place 

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Surely the presence of the Lord is in this

I can feel his mighty power and his grace.

I can feel the brush of angel wings, I see glory on each

Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.

In the midst of his
children the Lord said he would be;

It doesn’t take
very many it can be just two or three.

And I feel that
same sweet Spirit that I’ve felt oft times before;

Surely I can say I’ve
been with the Lord.

There’s a holy hush
around us, as God’s Glory fills this place.
I’ve touched the
hem of his garment, I can almost see his face.

And my heart is
overflowing with the fullness of his joy;

I know without a
doubt that I’ve been with the Lord.