NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 9/13

I’m praying this evening for a dear friend, Lord, 
a friend burdened with some really difficult problems
and the prospect of tough days ahead, sorting things out,
making good choices and decisions…
And as you well know, Lord,
my friend is worried and anxious 
and may not sleep well tonight…
And that gets me thinking, Lord – and praying –
for millions of others (only you know how many)
so many of us knocking on your door tonight,
praying about tomorrow’s worries:
    a meeting, and interview or test results;
    finding food, water and a place to sleep;
    a long waited letter, email, phone call or text;
    anxiety, uncertainty, fear, depression;
    a broken family, a troubled marriage, kids in trouble;
    medical tests, surgery, deadlines, personal debt;
    choices to be made, decisions to be announced;
    a court date, an exam, a review at work;
    a sick relative, an addicted friend, a neighbor in need…

My first prayer, Lord, is for the grace of acceptance:
    for the serenity to accept what comes
    with patience and composure and most of all
    with trust in you and in your help
    no matter what tomorrow brings…

My second prayer, Lord, is for strength:
    for the strength to accept what comes
    as part of your plan, a plan larger than anything
    we can now understand or grasp but nonetheless,
    a plan for our lives, always in your care precisely because 
    you love us in good times and in bad, 
    in sickness and in health, 
    in every trouble and trial 
    in every joy and every sorrow
    that touches, burdens and wounds our hearts…

My third prayer, Lord, is this:
    open the eyes and hearts of us all
    to the many ways that any of us
    might be the answer to others’ prayers,
    to the many ways that any of us
    might be there for others
    in their time of worry and fear…

So, I place my friend in your hands, Lord,
along with millions of others 
who go to bed tonight, restless with worry
of what tomorrow may bring…

Protect us, Lord, as we try to find sleep
and watch over us when we do
that awake, we may keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace…


Wait On God by Pastor Hezekiah


There may be times in your life
when nothing seems to be going right
Your way gets hard and the road is full
then my God will come to see me through.

Even when I get discouraged,
sometimes when I get discouraged
even when I get discouraged,
I’ll just wait on God.

You might have doubts and you might have fear
problems may come and they might bring tears
but don’t you worry and don’t give up
if you wait on God, he will show up.

If you wait, no matter how long, wait I say
All you gotta do is wait, I say! 

I said all you gotta do is
just hold your peace 
and let him fight your battles

Even when I get discouraged,
sometimes when I get discouraged
even when I get discouraged,
I’ll just wait on God.