Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 12/22

Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 12/22

Forgive us, Lord, our domestication
of your holy, divine incarnation…

Forgive us our buying
and buying yet more

when you call us only to spend ourselves,
with generous love,
in serving those
who have nothing to spend…

Forgive us for wasting our time,
our money, worry and energy
on foolish things that no one needs
– while real needs go unmet… 

Forgive us our singing the carols, Lord,
that promise world-wide peace
while we refuse to reconcile
with our family, neighbors and friends…

Forgive us our over-the-top largesse 
in gifting those who have more than they need
while dropping spare change, and not too much more,
in the Salvation Army kettle
and the street person’s Dunkin’ cup…

Forgive us for finding and making the time
for shopping, baking and parties
but being too busy for time with you
in our hearts, in the quiet,
in prayer…

Forgive us our painstaking detail, Lord
in wrapping gifts and stringing up lights
while paying too little attention
to natural resources wasted 
and precious energy spent…

Forgive us for eating and drinking too much
and throwing away what’s left over
while so many hunger and so many thirst
for food and clean water – to live…

Forgive us for teaching our children
’bout Santa’s sleigh and the elf on the shelf
before we share the true story
of Mary and Joseph and Bethlehem’s star
– and Jesus, whose birthday this is…
Be patient, deliver and save us, Lord,
from mistletoe, tinsel and toys
and forgive us, we pray, for all of the ways 
we so quickly and often forget
that you’re the sole reason for this holy season 
of tidings of comfort and joy…
Forgive our domestication, O Lord,
of your holy, divine incarnation
and teach us to give – as you gave to all –
the love of the One who sent you,
the love you call us to share…
Forgive our domestication, O Lord,
of your holy, divine incarnation
and teach us to share the love born in you
in a stable in Bethlehem town…