Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 9/15












September 15 is the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. When Mary and Joseph presented the infant Jesus in the temple, an old man there, Simeon, told Mary:  Behold, this child is destined for the fall and rise of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be contradicted –
and you yourself a sword will pierce so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.  Tradition holds that seven sorrows pierced Mary’s heart in the course of her life with her Son: 1) Simeon’s prophecy in the temple
(Luke 2:34)   2) the Holy Family’s flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13)   3) Joseph and Mary losing the young Jesus for three days  (Luke 2:43)   4) Mary meeting Jesus as he carried his Cross (Luke 23:26)   5) Mary standing at the foot of the Cross (John 19:25)   6) Jesus being taken down from the cross and placed in Mary’s arms (Matthew 27:57)   7: the burial of Jesus in the tomb (John 19:40) 

Does anyone, Lord, suffer sorrow
more deeply, more fiercely, more keenly
than a mother filled with heartache
for the child she bore in her womb?
What they say is certainly true, Lord:
    to give birth to a child 
    is to let your heart 
    go walking around 
    outside your body 
        – forever…  
Soon after the joy of your birth, Lord,
    your mother learned, she understood,
she knew her tender heart would be pierced 
    by a quiver of sorrow’s arrows…
But every mother fears and waits 
    what sadness might be hers
when her child is troubled, in pain, in distress,
    in danger or in harm’s way…
So on the day of your Mother’s feast, Lord,
    we pray you’ll tend each mother
whose soul aches for that part of her heart
    walking around outside her body
        or living with you now, forever…
With your own Mother beside you, Lord,
    come with your comfort and healing,
    your strength and your blessing,
    compassion and grace
to lighten the hearts of  all mothers
    burdened with worry, fear and grief,
        for the sake of the children they love…
Mother of Jesus, Sorrowful Mother, 
    wrap these moms in your mantle of grace;
hold them close to your breast,  deep in your heart, 
    ’til they come to know, even in grief
a taste of the joy of Jesus, your Son
    who lifts us up out of sadness
        with tenderness, healing and peace…