Pause for Prayer: JUNETEENTH

Pause for Prayer: JUNETEENTH

By the power of your love, Lord,
help our nation overcome 
    the bias that divides us, 
    the pain that comes of prejudice
    the bigotry our mistrust breeds

Let us not pretend to you love you
while we mistreat and ignore, abandon and neglect
our brothers and our sisters
    one family of one Father,            
    one in Christ our saving brother,
    blessed by our diversity,
    all yours in our humanity…

In the depths of our hearts, Lord, 
help us overcome 
    our prejudice and bias,
    our racism and bigotry,
    our narrow-minded thinking
    and the ways we rush to judgment
    of those we’re called to love…
Help us, Lord, to overcome 
    our pride and self-importance,
    our denial of the truth, 
    our undeserved privilege
    and our careless disregard 
        for the plight of those who suffer…
And deliver us from thinking
    that no such faults are ours,

from foolishly believing

    that all now live as equals…

Help us move beyond the status quo
   that keeps us from real change;
and free us from inertia’s grip
   on what must move ahead…
Help us overcome
    what separates, divides and keeps apart,
    what keeps us all from being 
       one nation indivisible   
       with liberty and justice
            for each, Lord, as for all…
Grant us freedom, holy freedom, Lord:
    to love one another;
    to tear down walls of hate;
    to welcome in the stranger;
    to let go of our fear;
    to discern and speak the truth…
That’s our prayer this Juneteenth, Lord,
help us work ’til we accomplish
    what we’ve not yet done ourselves,
    what we can’t do on our own,
    what we’ll never do without your help,
        your blessing, strength and grace…





Praying to the Virgin Mary