Pause for Prayer: MONDAY 12/4

Pause for Prayer: MONDAY 12/4

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza 

I don’t know about you – but I can use all the new beginnings, fresh starts and clean slates I can lay my hands on!  That’s why I keep drawing our attention to the « new year of grace » that begins with the first Sunday of Advent as, once again, over the course of a year, we unfold the mystery of Jesus: in history, in word and sacrament, and in our prayer…

Good morning, good God!

With Advent comes a new year of grace:

    grace that’s yours alone to give 
        and mine to receive…

In this new year I want to offer you
    an open door to my heart
        where you can come and make your home…

I offer you the corners of my heart’s garden
where I’ve let the weeds grow wild:
    help me uproot and prune away
        what fails to nourish my soul…

I offer you the closets of my heart,
stuffed with old grudges and resentments:
    Lord, help me discard
    what fails to help me heal and grow…

I offer you boxes of wasted time,
sacks of foolishness
and trunks of misspent effort:
    help me bag the trash of past mistakes
    and give me a new beginning…

I offer you my heart’s hopes and dreams, Lord,

for this new year of grace:

    my pledge to pray more faithfully,

    my desire to grow in your love;

    my need to rely on your wisdom and word;

    my promise to ask for your help each day

    and to be more faithful in serving others;
    my hope to forgive with a gracious spirit
    and to welcome warmly all I meet and know…

I offer you the new year ahead, Lord
– one day at a time –
and I pray for the serenity and grace
    to accept the things I cannot change,
    the courage to change the things I can
    and the wisdom to know the difference…