Pause for Prayer: MONDAY 8/21

Good morning, good God!
It’s happening again, Lord!
I’m getting some hints, some clues,
   some subtle indications
that you’re up to something in my life
    or perhaps you just want me to listen
        to something you’re trying to tell me…
So this morning I want to offer you my mind:
    please sweep it clean of anything distracting me
        from what you’re about in my life just now…
And I want to offer you my heart:
    purify me of anything that keeps me
        from knowing and feeling your presence within me…
And I offer you my body:
    wake me and jump-start my energy
        and help me move where you lead me…
I offer you my desire to
    hear you, see you and sense you
        in my heart and mind and the world around me…
I offer you my desire to meet you
    exactly where you’re coming to meet me…
I offer you my hope
    to discern how you’re moving within me
and discover your plan for the days ahead
    and the ways you call me to serve you…
Whatever may be on mind, Lord,
    whatever the worries that haunt my thoughts,
whatever my fear of what’s down the road,
    whatever my caution in trusting you,
I pray for the faith, the courage and strength
    to follow where you may be leading..