Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 9/17

Just five more days in Colorado, Lord,
and among the many things I’ll miss
will be the opportunity of meeting a family of deer,
walking up the street where my sister lives
– as any fine citizens of Georgetown might be wont to do!
I was thrilled to see them coming, Lord,
but I think they looked upon me as an intruder, 
an outlander, one more bothersome tourist
filming them without so much as the courtesy
of asking permission or offering a consent form…
They paid but passing attention to me as they turned right, 
hoping perhaps to make their fortune
but I’m the one who struck it rich 
in meeting them and coming just that close
to such beauty on the hoof, these gentle creatures, 
graceful and alert, elegant and handsome,
refined and purely natural…
Wherever I am and wherever I go, Lord,
open my eyes, my mind and my heart
when your beauty meets me on my way,
on any day, and those special times
when your blessed grace is in my face,
and your presence at my side…