Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 1/14

Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 1/14
If I’d not worry about the future
but rather spend on today
all the time I waste 
fretting about tomorrow,
I’d have the focus and attention,
the energy and mindfulness
to do, with grace,
what this day asks
and then…
I’d waste less precious time
rehearsing all my troubles,
those worries, cares and woes 
just beyond my reach,
and I could pray…

Help me keep it in today, Lord,
not in days long gone
or in days still yet to come:

help me keep it in the moment,
help me keep it in the now…
Today’s the day you’ve made, Lord,
today’s the day you’ve given me,
the only day I have:
help me find the grace and wisdom
to keep it in today…