Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 10/1

Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 10/1

It’s Sunday, Lord…

It’s the Lord’s Day, your day:
at least that’s what we say…

Of the week’s seven days,
this one’s yours, Lord,
at least in theory-  if not in my practice…

So, help me, Lord,
help me live this day, your day,
    a little more faithful to your word,
    a little more grateful for your gifts,
    a little more attentive to your presence,
    a little more mindful of my neighbor’s needs,
    a little more measured in my pace,
    a little more generous in my giving,
    a little more open to this day’s opportunities,
    a little more trusting in your mercy,
    a little more loving in my words and deeds,
    a little more present to you in prayer…

I guess if you add up all my « little mores »
it comes out to be quite a lot –
but even with all of them,
it won’t be more than I ought to give you this day…

It’s Sunday, Lord,
the Lord’s day, your day:

help me spend it with you 
– and if not all of it –

then help me spend a little bit more time with you today

than the time I gave you yesterday
in gratitude for the time you offer me
every day…