Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 9/3

A Prayer for Labor Day Weekend

O God, creator of the world,
of sun and moon and stars,
you chose to fashion us, your own,
your handiwork of love.

Indeed, we are your hands’ own work

and yet it’s into our hands, Lord,
you give and trust the care
of every living thing.

In ways far more than we may know
our work builds up – or tears apart –

what came as gift from you:
    keep us faithful in preserving

    all you’ve given to our care
    lest we harm the smallest part
    of all you’ve made and shared with us.

Give us good and honest work to do

and rest at each day’s end.

Let a fair and good day’s wage be paid
for a good day’s work well done.

Give us work that amply nurtures
those who labor, those they serve.

Let those who toil work in peace,
in freedom, without fear.

Give those in need a job to do

and to the tired, well earned rest.

Let all our work and toil, Lord,
give glory to your name.