Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 9/22

With today’s equinox, Lord,
    the summer of your grace gives way
        to an autumn of new grace…

And what, in my life,
    what might that grace be? 
Days have begun to shorten 
    and the night time now grows longer,
day by shorter day, night by longer night,
    robbing us of daylight’s warmth
    ’til winter bows
    and hope of spring returns…

Lead me through life’s changes
    as you walk me through the seasons, Lord…

Help me treasure each day’s light
    as sunset ushers in the evening..

Teach me patience with earth’s seasons
and patience with the seasons of my life…
Let falling leaves a carpet lay
    ’til trees grow green again
and light and warmth at last return:
    the grace of change, a gift from you,
    your presence ever new,
    in summer, fall, winter, spring
    in every season, every change,
    your grace and peace revealed…