Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/16

Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 1/16

Just yesterday, Lord, 
    in a moment of pure grace,

you poked my heart and nudged me
     to come to you in prayer…

I wonder…
    how long had you been trying to get my attention?

    how often had you tugged at the sleeve of my soul
        before I felt the touch of your hand?

    how often had you called my name 
        before I heard and stirred and answered?

I wonder, Lord…
    how many times every day

do you poke, push, prod 
    and tap me on the shoulder 
looking to spend some time with me,
    some peaceful, personal, quality time
        alone with me in prayer…

Give me the grace I need today
   to notice when you nudge me, Lord,
and hear you when you call me
    to turn to you in prayer…