Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 6/11

Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 6/11

How came I to be born when I was, Lord:
    on one particular day, at one particular hour,
    in one particular place,
    of one woman and one man
    who brought me to life in this world?

Whatever the details, the time and place,
for weal or for woe,
I came as your own,
unique in your eyes,
beloved, a child
of your love and your grace…

How came I to talents and gifts,
all mine to develop ad mine to share:
talents I’ve used (and some I’ve hidden),
gifts I rejoice in (and some I fear)?

They all came from you, Lord
– no other source:
each a sure sign of your love and your grace
offered to me who’s done nothing to merit
(much less to deserve)
all I’ve received from your hand…

How came I to the story that’s mine
    with its good times and bad,
    its sorrows and joys,
    a story alive in my thoughts and my dreams,
    etched in my deeds and told
    in the words I write and speak and sing?
        Whatever my tale of the weal and the woe,
        of the pure and the sullied,
        the right and the wrong,
        the ups, the downs and the turnarounds,
        all of these tell the story of your love for me  
        and the times I welcomed or strayed from your grace…

How came I to this time of prayer,
    to this moment of rest in your peaceful shade?

You’ve called me here, Lord,
by your Spirit I’m drawn,
to consider and ponder
how all that is mine, indeed my whole life,
is born of your wisdom, part of your plan,
the gift of your grace,
alive in my soul…





Praying to the Virgin Mary