Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 8/22

Sometimes, Lord, I’m lost in the woods,
in a dense, dark forest
where I can’t find my way
and don’t know where to turn next…

And, Lord, 
it’s lonely in those woods…
So I’m grateful, oh so grateful
when I stumble upon, when you draw me to,
a clearing in the forest:
    a carpet of green grass
        where I can rest and lay my head;
    a cathedral ceiling rising high,
        opening up to sunlight
            an oasis of your peace;
    a sanctuary, hallowed by your presence,
        a chapel of your grace…

I’m grateful, Lord,
    not only for this holy place
but for your leading me here
    when I’m lost and all alone…

I’m grateful, Lord,
that you should bring me here
    where you draw near
that we might meet
    and I might lean upon your chest
to hear your heart – and mine –
    beating now as one…

I cannot stay here long, Lord,
    I must make my way back home
so come with me and shepherd me
    from darkness into light,
from the shadows of this thicket
    to your loving arms’ embrace…