Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 6/9

Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 6/9

Jesus said, 
    « As the Father loves me, so I love you.

Remain in my love…  
I have told you this so that my joy might be in you

    and your joy might be complete. »

                                                    John 15
Well, this time you put it right out there, Lord.
In no uncertain terms you make it very clear:  
    you love me! 

You love me as your Father loves you
   and that’s a love so great I can’t begin to imagine it,

      – not even on the good days…
You love me…
Is any truth more wonderful and at the same time
  so difficult to take in, to believe, to accept?
You.  Love.  Me.

I’ve done nothing 
    to earn or deserve your love, Lord:
in fact, there are plenty of reasons for you not to love me
      – and yet, you do…
Your love for me abides
    even when I’ve stopped looking for or believing
       there’s anything lovable 
          in who I am…
Help me see that I’m loved, Lord,

   not on account of any good deeds on my part – no!

Rather; my goodness lies 
    in my being loved by you…

Help me see that my value rests 
    not in my own worthiness

       but in my being held and cherished 
          in your heart…

Help me see that I’m lovable 
    because you first loved me

        – and take take delight in who I am…

Help me see all these things, Lord,

   because I often forget them
      or refuse to believe 
         that such things are true for me…
To know there’s a place for me in your heart:
    what peace that would bring to my soul, Lord,
        what joy that would bring to my spirit:
    you made me for joy and to be at peace
        with you, with my neighbor,  and with myself…

Help me let go what keeps me from joy,

      my selfishness, pride and self-pity;

help me accept all that’s good within me,
    the good that you see and embrace;

help me delight in the treasure you find
    in my heart, in my soul, in my prayer…

Open me up to the love you offer,

   visit my heart with your healing grace;

help me, in turn, to love those around me

   and find in them the joy I long for,
        the joy that’s yours in loving me…

In this simple prayer of faith and hope,
   love me, Lord, as your Father loves you;
help me remain in the love you promise
    and open my heart to the joy it brings…