Pause for Prayer: MONDAY 9/18

Good morning, good God!

Been thinking, Lord,
    ’bout all I have, all I cling to, 
    all I  hoard 
    and should let go…
It’s time for inventory:
    time to name the stuff I hold
    that has a hold on me…
I offer you my time, Lord,
    the minutes, hours and days
    I keep just for myself;
help me let go some control
    of my schedule and my plans;
free me up for time for prayer,
    for serving others’ needs
    and for rev’ling in the simplest joys of life…
I offer you my theories and opinions,
    speculations and positions
and all the ways I certify
    that my ideas are best, the brightest,
        the truth – and nothing but…
Help me let go my attachment, Lord,
    to stale disappointments,
    sad and bad memories,
    resentments and grudges,
    the chips on my shoulders,
    and the anger and wrath I hug so tightly:
loosen my grip on all
    that weighs so heavy on my soul… 
Help me let go when fear befriends me
    and tempts me, Lord, to fear
        that fear is all I’ll ever know.
Heal my fears and help me find,
    help me welcome deep within,
    your power, peace and presence….
Help me to let go, Lord:
    things I buy that I don’t need,
    clothes that I don’t wear,
    toys I never play with
    and money that I waste while others want.
Change my vocabulary, Lord:
    not so much mine
    much more yours,
    and more truly – theirs and ours…

My mind and heart are cluttered, Lord,
    with so much stuff better shared or given, 
    cast away, left behind,
    disposed of and forgotten…
Set me free from what I cling to,
    the things that hold me captive
    and keep me from the peace I seek
    in you and in my life…
I can’t clean house today, Lord,
but give me grace to give away
    at least a thing or two
to free me for tomorrow
    and for the week ahead
    and for seasons yet to come…

What I need let go I offer, Lord,
    and pray that in return
you’ll fill me with your grace and peace
    and all I truly need
to live a simple life,
    bereft of all but you…