Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 10/1

To the best of my knowledge, Lord,

I’m not in charge of the world today
    – and if that changes,
    I trust you’ll let me know…

But I am still responsible for all the usual things:

    living by your wisdom and your word;

    doing what’s just;
    loving what’s good;
    caring for others as I’d want them to care for me;
    respecting life in all its shapes and forms; 
    conserving and reverencing all of creation;
    and striving to do the next right thing…
I figure, Lord, 
    that’s more than enough to keep me busy 
        for the next 24 hours…

So, help me be faithful, Lord,
to the work that falls to me:
    no more and no less
    than just the work that’s mine…

And that’ll be quite enough, Lord:
    yes, that that’ll be more than enough…