Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 1/18

Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 1/18

Photo by Tee M Em

I came across this photo on FaceBook where the poster,

a friend of a friend, captioned this scene in her backyard:

     Once in a while you’re shown the light, 

     in the strangest of places,

     if you look just right…

All light comes from you, Lord,

– a light no darkness can extinguish

for in you there is no darkness…

And you desire
to share your light with me, always, Lord –
especially in times when my own clouds
shadow and obscure the light  
you never fail to give…
And sometimes I find the light,
    I see see the light
in the oddest, strangest of places
– especially if I look just right…

You show me your light

    right in my own backyards,

    right in the sky just above my house,

    right in my very own heart and mind,

    right on the path I walk,

    right there in the love I share –

        if only I look just right…

You never fail to shine and share  
    your light upon my path,Lord,
and sometimes I find and see it in the strangest 
    yet most commonplace of venues –

        if I look just right…

So open my thoughts to your light, Lord,
    open my heart to your brightness,
shed your light upon my path
    lest I trip and fall in my darkness,
    lest I miss the light you always shine,
        the light I find, the light I see
    –  especially when I look just right…