Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 11/9

The daily news, Lord, 
leaves me feeling helpless, exposed, 
vulnerable and powerless… 
I try to understand what’s going on
but I’m not sure to whom I should listen,
what news I should trust or how to discern 
the true from the false,
the wise from what’s just propaganda…
Send your Spirit to counsel and guide me
to find the path and make the choices
that lead me to live the truth of your word…
Show me the path that leads your people
to harvest the peace that justice yields
when we surrender and finally bow
to your law, your mercy and might…
But until such peace shall calm my soul
or quell the terror that stalks the world,
give me grace to rise today, Lord,
through the strength that comes 
from heaven above
for you’re with me and before me,
you’re behind me and you’re in me,
you’re beneath me and above me,
you are on my right and on my left,
you’re in the heart of everyone 
who thinks of or speaks of me,
who sees me and hears me…
Give me the grace to rise today
with your might to uphold me,
your wisdom to guide me,
your hand to guard me,
your shield to protect me
and your Spirit to show me
the path to peace…
I found this song to be a source of strength and encouragement and hope you’ll find the same in these words and the beautiful music…